Battle Angel Alita manga has dropped on comiXology as an exclusive


Battle Angel Alita is available digitally

The first three volumes of an all-new English translation of Yukito Kishiro’s Battle Angel Alita has dropped on comiXology as an exclusive from Kodansha Comics. Six additional volumes are planned to be released as comiXology Originals, with volumes 4-6 in August and 6-9 in October.

Battle Angel Alita takes place in the 26th century where mankind has yet again ruined the planet and is living in what feels like a huge scrapyard. Somewhere in that gigantic pile of mess lays Alita, a female cyborg that is found by a cybermedic who revives her. Alita looks for answers about her past in this epic seinen series that spans two series and is still on-going.

This renewed push for Battle Angel Alita comes as James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez are filming a live-action film based on the 1990s manga.

Cameron, who has been trying to get a film of the manga series by Yukito Kishiro off the ground for 15 years, has recruited Rodriguez to direct a live-action version. He will produce it with Jon Landau.

Kodansha’s new translation is included in the all-you-can-read comiXology Unlimited service, or as a standalone purchase via comiXoogy or Kindle.


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