“Meet Walter” Alien: Covenant – the direction art project

The synthetic androids of the Alien universe have always been just as essential as the titular creatures. We introduced the new android in Alien: Covenant, “Walter” (Michael Fassbender), with a cross-media product launch event that positioned him as the latest real-world technology innovation. To add a layer of authenticity, we partnered with AMD, a company at the forefront of developing A.I. technologies. The launch event included a Weyland-Yutani brand film—directed by frequent collaborator Luke Scott—in addition to posters, a social campaign, and a special SXSW screening with Ridley Scott and Michael Fassbender.


An evolution of the beloved Prometheus “David 8” promo, “Meet Walter” shows a ritualistic process where a synthetic being is brought to life by a pair of technicians in a remote Weyland-Yutani lab. The Walter manufacturing process is a hypnotically beautiful endeavor. We watch as a 3D-bioprinted body is assembled, given sentience with an AMD neural processor, then cultured in a protein-based liquid. After gestating for an undetermined amount of time, Walter is brought to life and taken to a corporate showroom where potential customers meet and appraise Walter units for purchase.
The entire spot was designed to juxtapose Walter and David — two very different androids. David was designed to be very human. He can create. He can experience emotion. Walter is the opposite. He is made to serve. He is an appliance. A practical companion made to help people achieve a better human experience. These differences informed the spot and the idea that Weyland-Yutani would sell this product as an android that is “Created to Serve.”
Directed by: Luke Scott
Produced by: 3AM & RSA Films
Creative Director: Chris Eyerman
Concept: Chris Eyerman, Luke Scott
Writer: Chris Eyerman, Luke Scott
Producer: Hannah Ireland
Producer: Ashley Hsieh
DP: Ross Emery
Editor, Wild Card: Nick Temple
MP, 3AM: Alison Temple
President, RSA Films: Jules Daly
SVP, Partnerships, Fox: Zachary Eller
President, 48 Comm.: Karl Stewart
Visual Effects Company: Atomic Arts
Visual Effects Superviser: Charley Henley
Senior Creative, 3AM: Will Melton
Senior Creative, 3AM: Michelle Gilbert
Senior Creative, 3AM: Kelly Girth
Integrated Strategy, 3AM: Tiffany Duersch

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