Legends of Lucha Libre ReAction Figure by Super7

Super7 brings out a collection of figures from some classic luchadores like Blue Demon Jr., Solar and Tinieblas Jr.!

Mazinger Z toys are back with Super7 collection

The iconic Shogun Warriors have roared back with Super7 as 3.75-inch ReAction Figures! Arriving next Monday in the Super7 webstore: Shogun ReAction Figures! Mazinger Z! Doublas M2! Garada K7! Great Mazinger! Rokuron Q9! 

This is how Optimus Prime looks in Bumblebee movie

The legendary Monarch of Heavy Metal King Diamond will have action figure by Super7


Super7 will bring us a ReAction Figure with the legendary Monarch of Heavy Metal Darkness King Diamond! King comes in all of his 1985 “Don’t Break The Oath” album-era glory complete with crossed bones microphone stand accessory and new original card art by the legendary Ed Repka Illustration!

Hot Toys presents Avengers: Infinity War – Cosbaby Bobble-Head Series


Hot Toys is thrilled to present the latest Cosbaby Bobble-Head Collectibles inspired by the movie featuring Iron Man Mark L, Dr. Strange, Star-Lord, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Iron Spider, Thanos and Vision. Each Cosbaby Bobble-Head from the Avengers: Infinity War series comes with bobble-head function and stands approximately 8.5 – 11.5cm in height. Furthermore, an approximately 15cm tall Iron Man Mark L Cosbaby (M) Bobble-Head will be included along the release. A special box of two includes Thanos fights with one infinity stone in hand, whereas Vision (standing at approximately 4.5cm tall) painted in black and grey resembling his fall in the battle in the very heart breaking scene, is available for purchase. In addition, Thanos with shiny metallic painting, Iron Spider with LED light-up eyes, Thor with thunder patterns reflecting under specialized LED light and fans beloved Iron Man Mark L with a variety of futuristic weapons or accessories will be featured in this series, includes Nano Cannon version, Nano Blade Version, Power Mallet Version and Flight Thruster Version. Pick up these additional Cosbaby Bobble-head displays for your ever-expending Avengers: Infinity War collections! #HotToys #Cosbaby #Marvel #Avengers #InfinityWar #DoctorStrange #Thanos #Vision #StarLord #ScarletWitch #Thor #IronSpider

Super7 presents the ReAction line of Robotech action figures



The new Robotech ReAction Figures are available now from Super 7. There are currently six figures available. They are 3.75″ tall, and feature about 5 points of articulation (depending on character). Included with the assortment are a Battle Pod, SDF-1, VF-1A, VF-1D, VF-1J, and VF-1S. Each figure is priced at $15