Happy #JediDay! Celebrate Mark Hamill gets his star on the Walk of Fame.




Solo: A Star Wars Story Super Bowl teaser

Solo: A Star Wars Story. Remember the Trailer tomorrow.

Laurent Pons brings the world of star wars our everyday

Laurent-Pons-Star-Wars-Series7New York City in teh RainLaurent-Pons-Star-Wars-Series8troikus-5891c3a520c2731Laurent-Pons-Star-Wars-Series2Laurent-Pons-Star-Wars-Series9troikus-5898700e20d6b55Laurent-Pons-Star-Wars-Series5

Enjoy the work of Laurent Pons that brings the world of star wars to our everyday with this composition photography

Amazing LEGO REBEL PHOENIX, the winner of the LEGO Star Wars Rebrick contest

Enjoy this amazing work! #LEGO YT Corellian Light Freighter model made by Nuno_0937, the winner of the LEGO Star Wars Rebrick contest.
“Designed in the shape of the REBEL ALLIANCE SYMBOL, this ship is a tribute to all those who fought against the empire on Star Wars. Main features: sturdy body; detachable cabins/pods; boarding ramp; rotating seat and cannons; smuggling compartment; communal space; kitchen; bathroom; bedroom; storage; iconic corridors; hyperdrive. She can make the Kessel Run in exact twelve parsecs, staying right behind the mark of the legendary Millennium Falcon. Thank you, and may the Force be with us all.”

The Last Jedi cover by Empire Magazine

EMP_Jan18_LightSideCoverEMP_Jan18_DarkSideCoverrey empire light side cover the last jedikylo ren empire dark side cover the last jedi

The special Star Wars issue of @empiremagazine featuring #TheLastJedi